About Us...

In a Nutshell Computer Services Inc.

Computer training in effective use of office applications
Computer support for business software and networks
Custom Access and FileMaker Pro databases

We provide the following services:

Software Training

On-site corporate training and workshops

Assistive technology software training for special education teachers

Customizable private software training

Class notes provide step-by-step instructions and images of the computer screen's appearance as attendees work through software exercises. 

This resource is useful during and after workshops for guidance through key software tasks. 

Our goal is to enhance the efficiency of users and reduce their frustration.  Time is $$$$...

Small Business and Professional Office Support

Software support: on-site or via Internet remote access / telephone. Technicians  are available for troubleshooting of computers and networks.

Backup strategies, Web site and email support


Development of database solutions in Access and FileMaker Pro and PowerPoint presentations


Fact: Many valuable business people are less effective due to poor computer skills.

Fact: It is more cost effective to train staff in new skill areas than to terminate and rehire.

Fact: Computer illiterate staff may feel embarrassed to train with more literate peers.

Fact: Much corporate computer training is not well suited for the computer illiterate person or for those with certain learning styles.
         It assumes concepts and skills they may not possess.
         It assumes a comfort level they do not possess.
         It may be too much - too fast.
         It may not be relevant to what they need.

Larry Duncan, Director

Larry has been involved in computing and computer education since 1986. This teaching experience and insight into adult learning has helped him develop superior methods to get you the computer proficiency you need FAST.

Our Guiding Principles

1) KISS - Keep It Simple Smarty!
2) Start from the known.
3) Relate terms and examples to concepts that your students already understand.
4) Use it or lose it! Teach something useful that students will use later! Students will reinforce their learning when they repeat and extend classroom projects.

Do you want to?

Become an independent learner of computer skills? 

Start using computer technology NOW?

Add computer technology skills to your RESUME? 


Make TODAY your new beginning...




This page updated in Nov. 2017