We provide corporate computer training and small business software support in the Greater Toronto and Niagara area.

Excel and VBA are frequently requested.

Due to our experience training in corporate environments, we incorporate common corporate questions into our exercise sets making our training more applicable to workplace needs. In addition to training, we also develop custom database solutions in VBA or Access.

Our training philosophy is that small hands-on classes taught by excellent instructors is the best approach to learning and retention. Whether in a workshop, private instruction, or class format, our training is the fast track to computer based productivity.

Our valued corporate training clients include: St. Davids Hydroponics, Telelatino Network (TLN), St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Mazin Furniture Industries, Metro Toronto (the daily newspaper), Toronto Hydro Corporation, McWhirter and Associates Inc, Corpfinance International Limited (CFI), Donald Construction, CRA, Town of Markham etc.

We also provide software support to clients on-site or remotely to troubleshoot and resolve computer issues.

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This page updated in Aug 2020