What We Teach - Selected Course Outlines

Learn to use the "Tools of the Trade" quickly with our proven approach.

In order to view fully formatted course outlines in PDF format, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. You can download this from Adobe for free.


Office Productivity Tools

Word Introduction PDF format  
Word Intermediate PDF format  
Excel Introduction PDF format  
Excel Intermediate PDF format  
Excel Advanced PDF format  

Presentation Tools

The standard business presentation tool. Integrates text, audio and images on slides. Provides transition effects between slides as well as animation of text, image objects and multi-media content.

PowerPoint Intro-Intermediate   PDF format
PowerPoint Advanced   PDF format


Data Management

Need to know how many client contacts were generated from your Yellow pages ad this year? How many came from your recent print ad? Glean information from your data to help you make cost effective business decisions! Many other applications too!


Keep track of client contacts, phone calls and correspondence

Keep track of donors and manage donations "paperwork"

Produce sales reports, donations tax receipts, funding and other reports.


Microsoft Access Introduction  

 PDF format

Microsoft Access Intermediate MOS PREP

 PDF format

Operating System and  File Management

Many  people have less success with file and data management than they would like. A few easy to follow lessons can build up file management skills and result in less lost work, thus saving time, frustration and money.

Windows Introduction

PDF format


This material is taught with one-on-one (or two) training on the student's own computer. Please, call or email for further details.

Office E-mail and Scheduling Tools

Microsoft Outlook adds day planning, task and contact management to the busy worker's tool  kit - with resulting efficiencies that can save money for any size company. Learn  how to use Microsoft Outlook's top features effectively to enhance communication and scheduling in your company. 

Microsoft Outlook Comprehensive   PDF format

Mozilla Thunderbird

One-on-one training available

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